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About Me

I have a passion for golf that started when I was 12 years old playing with my father. I took lessons with a gentleman named Ken Friend at Tides Golf Club in Seminole, Florida, and I have loved the game ever since. I grew up idolizing Jack Nicklaus. The '75 & '86 Masters remain two of my favorite sports memories.

Gary Player has been a big influence in my life, not only in my golf game but also regarding health and nutrition. As I said to Mr. Player recently, every time I'm tempted to go to the freezer for a bowl of ice cream, it's his voice that I hear in my head saying, "come on man that's poison!" ​

Augusta National is my favorite place on the planet. Attending The Masters tournament is one of the highlights of the year. I cherish walking those hallowed grounds. It gives me a feeling of wonder and excitement that has become a part of me and I never want it to leave. 

I was born in Pittsburgh and the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates are in my DNA. I also lived outside of Boston for several years and spending time at Fenway Park and the Boston Garden, the Red Sox, and Celtics got into my soul.​

Tranquil late afternoon rounds of golf with my father and son are a joy and my favorite time to play. My annual golf trip with my buddies is always another highlight of the golf year. I also enjoy going to our local PGA Tour SuperStore and testing out new equipment with my son; it's one of our favorite things to do together.​​

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ctmascaro and the show @nxtonthetee. You can interact with me on the show's Facebook page. If you have a question for one of my upcoming or previous guests, please let us know via social media and I'll gladly get that question answered for you. ​

I hope you'll make the show a part of your regular golf content.


Thank you very much for listening to the show.

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